New York City Criminal Lawyer

Representation for Civil Rights Violations in New York City

If your civil rights were violated, I may be able to help.  Common examples of a civil rights violation include:

  • Excessive Force by a Police Officer
  • Denial to a Fair Trial
  • Malicious Protection
  • False Arrest

Examples of Results

Here are just a few examples of the great outcomes that Dietrich Epperson obtains for his clients:

  1. The District Attorney dismissed the case against a Queens man falsely accused with beating and sexually molesting a family member.
  2. He won trial and obtained a not guilty verdict for man who fractured his co-worker’s eye socket.
  3. He won trial and obtained a not guilty verdict for a store owner who was accused of seriously injuring one of his customers with a hammer and was facing 7 years in jail.
  4. Epperson won trial and obtained a not guilty verdict for a man who had been charged with Rape in the First Degree and had been facing up to 25 years in jail.
  5. In another trial, the client was found not guilty by a jury for fighting with police officers and threatening to kill them.
  6. He has repeatedly contacted detectives attempting to arrest his clients and convinced them to drop the charges and not make an arrest.
  7. After his client was charged with possessing 2 kilos of heroin, he convinced the judge to release him with no bail, then had the case reduced to a non-criminal disorderly conduct.
  8. His client was accused of felony assault on a police officer and was facing up to 7 years in jail. After preparing his client, and conducting a thorough investigation of the case, the grand jury in the matter concluded that his client had been falsely accused and all charges were dismissed.
  9. One of his clients was accused of felony sexual charges against a minor. After an investigation, Dietrich Epperson prepared a memorandum for the District Attorney’s Office detailing his client’s innocence, and the alleged victim’s motivation to create false charges in the matter. Due to the investigation and memorandum, all charges were dismissed against his client on the second court date.
  10. Recently, Dietrich Epperson convinced a judge that the search of his client’s vehicle was unconstitutional, and the judge suppressed two loaded pistols. After the guns were thrown out of court, the District Attorney was forced to dismiss all charges against his client. In that case, Dietrich Epperson’s client was a convicted felon, and faced up to 15 years in jail.
  11. After his client was arrested by federal agents for possessing 75 pounds of marijuana, Dietrich Epperson was able to get the case reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail.

These are just a few of the amazing results he gets for his clients in court.
Seth Koslow has an open door policy, and will always talk to you about your case. You can contact his office and arrange to speak with him for no charge. He always makes sure his clients have copies of all their paperwork, and understand all the charges against them. The vast majority of his clients never spend a day in jail. But when his clients are incarcerated, he makes sure to go to jail and visit them in person, then does frequent follow ups through jail visits and secure video conferences.
If you have a criminal case in New York, particularly a serious matter, you owe it to yourself to speak with Seth Koslow and see what he can do to help your case. All initial consultations with him are free of charge. Even if you cannot afford to hire him, he will listen to you and give you the best advice he can to help your case. You owe it to yourself to call him today. You will not be disappointed.