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How is Larceny Different from Robbery or Burglary?

The simplest way to describe the difference between the three is as follows.  Larceny, in itself, involves theft alone.  Robbery requires that the accused use or threaten the use of some type of force or violence during the theft.  Finally, Burglary in the general sense involves entering a home or building with the intent to commit a crime – even if no crime is actually committed.  A more detailed description of these three types of crimes is provided below.

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3 Factors That Can Enhance Sentencing for DWI in New York

Driving while intoxicated, or DWI, is a very common charge that gets thousands of New Yorkers arrested each year.  Even though the charge is common, it shouldn’t be taken lightly, as the penalties for drugged or drunk driving can be quite severe.  Sentencing can be especially harsh if certain circumstances were involved in the offense.

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How to Post Bail in New York City

The New York City Department of Correction (DOC) manages New York City’s prison population and all matters related to the imprisonment and custody of inmates and detainees.  When a person has been charged with a crime, but has not been found guilty, he or she may be detained until bail is posted.  New York assault lawyer Seth Koslow explains the DOC’s rules for posting bail in New York City’s detention facilities, such as the Manhattan Detention Complex (“The Tombs”) and the Brooklyn Detention Complex.

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car keys with alcohol DUI DWI DWAI drunk driving

Legal Defenses to Fight a DWI Charge in New York

Driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol (DWI) is a common but serious criminal charge.  If you are convicted of DWI in New York City, you could face jail time, license suspension, costly fines, and other penalties – even if it is your first drunk driving offense.  If you have been charged with drunk or drugged driving in New York City, it’s important to ensure that you are represented by a skilled New York DWI lawyer who understands the intricacies of local DWI laws.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, various legal defenses may be able to beat your DWI charges, or even lead to a dismissal of the case altogether.

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What Rights Do You Lose with a Felony Conviction in New York?

A felony conviction carries two sets of consequences.  The first set – which is what most defendants worry about – is the fine and sentence imposed by the court.  Unfortunately, what defendants don’t always realize is just how far-reaching the secondary consequences of a felony conviction can be.  Even after the offender has served their sentence and paid their fines, he or she faces yet another set of penalties: the loss of precious legal privileges.  In this article, New York theft lawyer Seth Koslow will discuss how a felony conviction affects voting rights and gun ownership. Continue reading

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Can I Get in Trouble for Accidentally Looking at Child Pornography in New York?

Imagine you’re browsing through Google results, searching for a TV show you’ve been meaning to check out. You open a page and click on a link with an innocuous URL, thinking you’re about to get an episode of a sitcom. Instead, you’re shocked and alarmed to see child pornography plastered across your computer screen. You close the image as fast as you can, but now you’re in a state of panic. Could you really be arrested and prosecuted, just for stumbling across materials you didn’t even mean to look at? In this article, New York sex crimes attorney Seth Koslow will explain some of New York’s child pornography laws – and the potential consequences of breaking them. Continue reading

car keys with alcohol DUI DWI DWAI drunk driving

Is Intoxication a Defense to a Crime?

While every criminal case is different, certain defense strategies have been used to effectively fight both misdemeanor and felony charges.  Self-defense, for example, can sometimes be successfully raised in cases involving assault or homicide allegations.  But what about intoxication?  Is being drunk or under the influence of drugs ever a defense to a crime?  Or does drunkenness simply make the charges worse? Continue reading

Woman Strip Searched After DWI — Could it Happen in New York?

It’s the story of a DWI arrest gone horribly wrong. An Illinois woman was sitting in a jail cell after being arrested for a DWI earlier in the evening when four police deputies pulled her to the ground and stripped her clothes off and searched her. And the whole thing was captured on video, which is now online.  Continue reading